Wi-Fi and Window Shopping: Boosting the Connection at Your Local Branch

Think back to the days of taking photos with your friends and waiting (not so patiently) for the photos to be developed – only to find half of them blurry or with a wayward thumb in the corner. Now all our photos are on our phones, and we crop, filter, and share them straight to social media. However, the memories of visiting a store to drop off that roll of film or disposable camera are still alive and well.

Do you recall the feeling you had going to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent the movie you had been waiting to watch? Picking out candy and popcorn to compliment the genre you selected. Showing my age here! What made these activities great was the process – the actual visit. Although, moving that display box to find no copies of the movie you wanted to watch was a letdown, it was still an integral part of the experience we remember.

The Importance of Connection

In an increasingly digital world, it is easy to overlook the value of visiting a retail location for our needs. While most things are available at our fingertips on our smart devices, there are still those who prefer to have the direct personal approach. There are still those of us who enjoy going to a business to speak with someone face to face and have the representative share their knowledge while they make an informed decision. And for folks who want this, HTC has eight retail locations to serve our members and with the pride taken on the customer service front, a personalized experience is exactly what members receive.

What to Expect

Stepping into one of our branches offers a multitude of benefits that make your decisions simple.

  1. At each HTC retail location, you can experience direct demonstrations of the latest technology, allowing you to see, touch, and understand the products before deciding to sign up or adjust your current service.
  2. HTC’s knowledgeable staff can provide personalized quotes tailored specifically to your entertainment and connectivity needs, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
  3. Additionally, our team offers in-depth education on equipment, helping you make informed decisions and get the most out of your devices.
  4. But perhaps the most compelling reason to visit your local HTC branch is the superior customer service you will receive. Our friendly and professional staff provide you with a seamless and satisfying experience, addressing any questions or concerns you may have on the spot.
The Value of an Experience

The experience of connection is occasionally lost in this our age of technology, yet the direct information through interactions provided within branch office locations is an area HTC continues to build. The expansive education on all products and services available gives the members the opportunity to stay up-to-date and in control of the always evolving technology.

You may not look back on your visit to an HTC location with the same nostalgia as the Blockbuster days, unless we start serving popcorn, but the representatives will give their all to make your in-house experience a memorable one. That knowledge they share with you, may be the knowledge you share with your neighbor – now look at you being all tech savvy!

HTC being a cooperative is reflected in the service provided. When you visit a retail location directly it is not just about transactions – it is about building connections, supporting the community and experiencing the impact of cooperative ownership. Next time you need to make a change to your services or just have a question, consider stopping by your nearest retail location for an individualized touch and a commitment to connect.

To find the location nearest you, visit www.htcinc.net/locations.

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