Streaming 101: Take Your Video On The Road

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If you love to travel ‘n stream this is the place for you!

With summer coming in hot (get it?), we as individuals, friends and families love to travel whether it’s for vacation, business, sports, or any other opportunity. At the same time, we want to keep up with and watch our favorite sports, movies and shows.

We don’t want to miss the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup playoffs or that (late) season finale of the show you just started to binge. However, just as much as we don’t want to miss any of this, we also want to be able to watch clearly, with maximum quality.

As the summer pushes us to travel more, we want to be able to watch our streaming services at the same time. The quality of videos depends on things like how strong your Wi-Fi or data connection is at the time, possibly on the default video quality the streaming services provides, lastly on the device you are streaming on (like the streaming service, it has a default video quality that doesn’t change if not done manually). Considering network connection, streaming services, and devices the quality of your streaming video relies on at least one of these factors if not all.

The Importance of Video Quality

We love to clearly watch our shows sometimes with better quality than offered, and you might think the one way to fix this is to get a ridiculously strong Wi-Fi or data connection or obtain a device that is equipped with this high-quality HD or 4K screen display. The truth is that while those things may improve your video quality at an expense, it is not necessary to obtain a better quality for your videos. There are ways you can do it, for no expense at all.

First and foremost, when it comes to your network connection, it is not that you have a low tier connection or a cheap one. It’s most likely because of your location. So, check your connection and if it’s not all the way “there” that’s why your video quality has decreased. Some might ask “well how do I fix that?” Simply just be patient and wait until you are out of the area that has bad reception, and when you get into an area with good reception, your video quality should return to its normal state, giving you your clear viewing of that video back.

Now I am sure some people are curious about how you can maximize your video quality without spending money. There are plenty ways to do so, and they are easy.

How to Optimize Your Video Settings

When it comes to the streaming services, and devices you stream on, it’s a simple process. Most, if not all, streaming services and mobile devices have a settings option where you can customize many things, including video quality. Most likely you will find this in the “display” or “preferences” settings or simply the video quality section of settings.

 In this area, some services and devices give you the option of different pixels like “144p to 1080p” and others will give you worded options of the quality of videos like “standard, high, good, better or best.” However, when given these options you select the one that best fits you whether it’s the best quality, lowest or default. I would recommend high quality if you want to be able to view your video extremely well.

Now, you know how to alter your video quality for free. These tips will help you while traveling during your busy summers, to stream your favorite movies, shows and sports.  If you’re looking for streaming services for your next roadtrip, try our Recommendations Tool.

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  1. I love HTC. We are in a semi dead zone but HTC has made our internet experience so much better. No more climbing a tree to pay my bills online! Lol

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