Streaming 101: The Holidays are Fa-La-La-La FAST approaching!

woman watching a Christmas movieHalloween has come and gone, and that means you’re already behind on your holiday decorating!  Is the tree (at least the first one) up?

To help get you in the holiday spirit, multiple FAST platforms have launched their holiday channels.  Not just a channel, multiple channels.  So much Christmas, so little time!  Go ahead, binge watch until the jolly one slides down your chimney.

You know the plot. Big city girl comes home for the holidays to save the local (insert Bed & Breakfast, newspaper, historic village square, etc. here, depending on the movie). Next, queue the handsome flannel-wearing, classic pickup truck driving ex, whom she gave up for big city life and her big city, suit wearing fiancé.  Don’t forget the dog.  Said ex always has an adorable (again, insert yellow lab, golden retriever, golden doodle) who instantly wags his tail, remembering big city girl… easy fella.  Well, I don’t want to be the spoiler alert, but you know there are always plenty of twinkling lights, cocoa and snowflakes before they live happily ever after and the credits roll. 

Ahhh, you know you can’t resist these guilty pleasures, so here’s where to find them, all FREE to stream on the following FAST platforms!

Pluto TV  

Pluto added eight new holiday channels just in time for the start of the Christmas season. These channels include content from Lifetime and Hallmark networks, and will air 24/7.  Content ranges from movies from the networks listed above, to festive yule log fireplace channels; with or without accompanying holiday music. A ‘Home for the Holidays’ channel featuring non-stop holiday cooking shows and Vevo Holiday, holiday music videos from some of music’s biggest stars complete the lineup.

Tubi TV

With more than 200 holiday movies to choose from, ranging from the classic ‘A Flintstone Christmas’ and Christmas with the Vienna Boys Choir to current offerings like “A Christmas Karen” (I smell a Scrooge vibe here) and “A Christmas Crush,” there is something for everyone on Tubi.

Xumo Play

There’s been a lot of attention lately about Xumo Stream in ads from one of the major cable providers, but the platform itself is available free to use elsewhere.  Xumo has launched their Holiday Hub with 10 channels of non-stop holiday programming.  Movies? Check!  There are several channels of movies.  Music? Check!  There are channels like I Heart Radio Christmas and I Heart Radio Jazz Christmas.  Xumo also has a channel dedicated to the Yule Log.


At the time of writing this, Freevee has announced specific channels for the holidays such as Holiday favorites by Lifetime, Hallmark Holiday favorites and Christmas Plus. There are already dozens of holiday movies available to stream on the platform.

Did I mention that these channels are all FREE?  FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) platforms like the ones above are absolutely free to use. Platforms like Tubi and Pluto TV are viewed by 70 million and 80 million people per month, respectively.  And there are so many more to find and explore!

Your HTC Internet provides the backbone you need to view this content (at blazing fast speeds), and if you already have HTC TV MAX, you just need to download these free apps to the Fire TV device.

Happy viewing, now go get those wreaths up!  Here’s a word from our sponsor, HTC.

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