11 Tips to Mind Your Mobile Manners

woman talking on the phone during a movie

As we come to the end of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month we want to share the do’s and don’ts of smartphone etiquette in social situations.

Device Advice For Modern Mobile Manners

We keep our smartphones on us at all times and while they are beneficial in keeping us connected to our world, we must also be aware of the way we interact with them in social settings. Everyone has different ideas when it comes to mobile manners but there’s no doubt that sharing space with someone with horrible habits can be annoying, rude and downright disruptive.  

Among the top annoyances are public speakerphone conversations, phones ringing during services or events and talking in restaurants. Most likely, you’ve fallen victim to smartphone offenders at some point or another. So, in an effort to raise awareness of the issue, we’re calling on you to practice phone politeness and wireless responsibility.

11 Phone-tiquette Tips To Tackle

How you communicate and the message you send to others is in your hands, literally. While in social settings, strive to show consideration and be respectful of others. You can follow these tips for impeccable mobile manners:

  • Keep it short and G-rated. When talking in public, keep the conversation short and G-rated. You never know who is listening… because everyone is.
  • Be private. Don’t discuss private, confidential, controversial or emotional topics in public.
  • Be present. When you’re part of a get-together or in a meeting, be present and engaged by keeping phone activity to a minimum. It’s incredibly impolite to be on your phone when you’re supposed to be interacting with the person in front of you.
  • Use silent mode. When in no-talk zones such as religious services, meetings, theaters or libraries put your phone on silent or vibrate so that it doesn’t cause a disruption. In some instances, turning it off is the best way to go.
  • Don’t “cell yell.” When you’re on the phone, talk at a normal volume. No one wants to hear what you had for dinner.
  • Excuse yourself. If you are expecting a call, let the people you’re with know it. When the call comes, excuse yourself politely. The people you are spending time with should take precedence over calls you want to make or receive.
  • Try texting. Sending a text message can help you stay connected while still being present, but don’t overdo it either. Texting too much is disrespectful as well.
  • Watch and listen discreetly. If you’re planning to stream video or listen to music on your phone, make sure you adjust the volume accordingly or use earbuds.
  • Caution Your Camera Use. Don’t take or post photos of someone without their consent. Everyone has a right to privacy.
  • Right Your Ringtone. You might be wishing “It Wasn’t Me” was more than your ringtone if goes off under the wrong circumstances!
  • No speakerphone. There is no excuse for using speakerphone when around other people – ever. It’s a distraction and disrespects your contact’s privacy.

Hang Up On Harsh Habits

Are you guilty of any of these phone faux paus? Remember, smartphone etiquette isn’t about rules, but about making those around you feel comfortable. Smartphones should enhance communication and social interactions, not inhibit it.

So, say goodbye to any bad behaviors and become a mobile model for others to follow.

How Can You Benefit From Practicing Phone Politeness?

Being more mindful of your mobile manners sets you apart from the crowd. You appear more attentive, respectful and connected to those around you.

Putting your phone away during events helps you be more present and fully enjoy the moment. You’re free from distractions and distracting others.

Not taking a private call in a public place helps you give your contact and the conversation the respect and reflection it deserves.

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