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HTC 2021 Christmas Giftaway is HERE!

HTC’s big Christmas Giftwaway is currently underway on our social media platforms! With just 7 days of prizes left, your chances to win are running out!

Ending December 16, we still have some great daily GIFTAWAYS planned, including:

  • RTIC 52 Quart Cooler
  • iPad Air
  • Toshiba 43-inch FireTV – the best way to watch HTC TV MAX
  • And MORE!

  Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win! Like the post for the daily drawing to be entered.

499 thoughts on “HTC 2021 Christmas Giftaway is HERE!

  1. HTC upgrades to our service with new hardware in our home has provided a stable internet. Thank You for HTC to keeping up with new technology.

  2. I just moved to SC last February. HTC IS the BEST! Every person I’ve spoken to is very polite and friendly. Their customer service ROCKS!

  3. First, let me inform you that HTC is the BEST INTERNET SERVICE! We live in a rural area and HTC internet haven’t let us down yet! My family is very pleased with how fast the service is, and how friendly everyone was. I would recommend this internet service to anybody.

  4. HTC on HWY 501 is awesome! Been with them for years and wouldn’t recommend anyone else! You guess ROCK!!


  6. I would love to win anything , it would be a blessing , thank you so much HTC and blessings to you and your family 🙏.

  7. Great service! Really like the reliability of the internet service. Great speed to be able to connect to any website and really enjoy the ability to stream movies on my laptop.

    Thanks for the great service!

  8. Very kind of you guys to be giving away things like this. The last two years have been very trying for a lot of families. Thank you

  9. I am always delighted how quickly HTC responds to make needed repairs or adjustments. And how they are putting money back into infrastructure improvements. The signs of a forward looking and progressive company.

  10. I am a big fan of HTC. I AM ENJOYING TV MAX. , and learning how to navigate all the other TV options, especially binging my favorite shows

  11. Hope you Christmas is Merry and bright. May God bless each and every family this holiday season. And thank you in advance for a chance to win. That’s what this season is about giving . So thank you and good luck to me and to everyone that enters .

  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with your company, especially because your customer service & technical support departments have been so helpful. So nice to have an opportunity to win something nice for the holidays.

  13. You guys are the best and so easy to work with! My new equipment is great and the installer was so friendly and explained everything perfectly. Now, if I can only remember the details when I need them, lol! Thank you again for everything, everyone at the Little River office/store is always friendly and supportive. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
    A Happy and satisfied customer! 😊

  14. We just moved to Myrtle Beach in August and we’ve found the staff at HTC to be so helpful and knowledgeable! And their Christmas Giftaway is a wonderful way for them to show their Christmas Spirit and appreciation for their customers!

  15. It’s always nice to be considered for something good around the holidays.

    It’s the season of giving and HTC is certainly giving during this Holiday Season!

  16. I love HTC. If you ever have a situation with your cable or internet someone is always available to assist you.

  17. HTC is giving back, no surprise here. They provide excellent customer service! I have never been disappointed. Please support local businesses vs those other billion dollar companies.

  18. HTC is the best cable company we have ever had. I always recommend HTC to people moving into the area. The December giveaways are great too. I could really use the tv

  19. HTC my #1 telecommunications company for internet, phone and digital television for a great price. I feel like I’ve won a prize already.

  20. A chance to win and we don’t have to buy anything new, that’s a nice way to help celebrate Christmas.

  21. One of most patient, understanding and help businesses I have dealt with recently. The customer service ladies made me feel welcome!

  22. I love our HTC family and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Your customer service is top shelf!

  23. I love having HTC TV/Internet in my condo by the golf course in Myrtle Beach. It’s great service and so reasonably priced too. Thanks so much, Thomas

  24. HTC has the best customer service in Murrells Inlet. I have never had a problem, and everyone is so friendly!!

  25. I’ve always loved HTC. Each time I have to go into the office, I’m treated like one of the family. That means a lot in times like now when there’s not a lot of kindness out there in the world.

  26. Having been in and around the cable business and working for and with virtually every MSO, HTC has far and away the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Kudos to the HTC team!

  27. Always grateful to HTC for the friendly and kind customer service and tech support team HELP at any times of day or night! They’ve been an absolute God send since I’m totally not a Remote Smart TV DVR savvy person. Thank you my new best friends! 😊

  28. Happy to have a chance to Win a giveaway Gift! Holiday cheer might end the year after all. Merry Christmas 🎅 and Happy New Year to All!

  29. just moved to S.C. less than a month ago, loving the way HTC has helped me get what i needed as far as internet and a cable t.v. package. their office has the best customer service! thank you Greyson, your expertise helped us greatly. thanks again HTC!!!!

  30. We finally moved to an area where I could get HTC! I was so glad we switched and so happy with their service and installation!

  31. We have been with HTC for many years and they have ALWAYS been great to us. Thankful for family this holiday season and making it through another year! Happy Holidays everyone and a New Year!

  32. HTC rocks! Customer service and tech support are always very helpful and considerate. Happy holidays to my favorite internet company!

  33. Thank God I picked H T C for my service, problem dial 611, information on TV, dial 611. No other service has your back like HTC.

  34. It’s great to see company’s like to give out prizes or gifts anytime or around the holidays, and I want to thank you for y’all’s service

  35. It’s a wonderful opportunity & thanks for doing this but not everyone is a fan of these sites.
    Thanks again. Good luck everyone

  36. This will be such a new year blessing knowing y’all took us into our company not judge just making sure my son’s had internet to make sure homework get done and still is and I’m just still going to be happy still be continue connect with y’all knowing this about to be a two years and many more

  37. Just moved to Conway SC and we love it. The people are much nicer and the weather is beautiful. We also love HTC Cable, Internet and home Security System. We made a great choice!!

  38. I’m new to HTC being that we just moved here. If your advisors are any indication of your company, I will be very satisfied

  39. I want to wish everyone who works for HTC a very Merry Christmas. I have been a customer of yours for 11yrs, I would love to WIN!!!!!!!

  40. HTC has been good for us. We moved here almost 5 years ago. We have wonderful reception with few situations that they were always able to assist with.

  41. Awesome Service and the telephone reps are very professional and polite would love to have any prize to share with my family especially my grandson who is a HTC supporters 🎄

  42. I recently switched to HTC 4 months ago, very happy with the services and all the great customer services that comes with it..
    Merry XMAS.. to all the staff at HTC….. ..
    Angelo Melendez 3

  43. HTC has some of the best employees. All are very polite and helpful. They are able to assist with any situation you may have. We appreciate each and every one of them!

  44. HTC is the best company, staff and customer service I have had the pleasure to deal with. Merry Christmas everyone.

  45. We are so happy to have HTC as our tv and internet service provider. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! 🎄

  46. Wishing all employees at HTC a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the wonderful work you do! 🎄

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