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AT&T Installment and AT&T Installment with Next Up

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Instead of paying full price upfront when you get a new phone, you can choose an installment plan. This spreads the full price of your new device across low monthly payments.  Plus, AT&T Next Up gives you the flexibility to upgrade in HALF the time for only $5 extra a month.

AT&T Installment Plan

You make 36 monthly payments. After you pay your device in full, you can upgrade (no need to turn in your old device).

  • Pay off your phone in 36 months.
  • Low monthly payments.
  • $0 down*, 0% interest.

*Requires well-qualified & eligible svc. $0 down for well-qual. customers only.
Tax due at sale. Limits and restrictions apply. See store for details.

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AT&T Installment with Next Up

You can turn in your smartphone and upgrade to a new one after paying off a certain percentage of your smartphone’s price.

  • Requires AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up.
  • Upgrade early by paying off 50% of your current device cost and turn it in for a new one.
  • Never miss out on the newest device.
  • Best option for early adopters.
  • Enjoy this flexibility for only $5 more per month.

*Requires well-qualified credit & eligible svc. Tax due at sale.
Limits & restrictions apply. See store for details.