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Did You Close the Garage Door? No More Worrying!

Do you ever get that sudden panic — typically when you’re almost to work — that you left the garage open? We’re here to help.


Open or close the garage door from anywhere using your app. 

Remote Access

Give access to family or friends while away or allow an in-garage delivery.


Never get out of bed again to check the garage door. Set a close schedule and let door close automatically at night or when you leave home.


Receive real-time notification to any garage door activity.


Compatible with all major garage door openers.


Control a second door with an additional sensor. 

Build A Smarter Home

Make life easier and improve your home security when you pair a garage door opener with smart lights, door locks and thermostat. Automate your lights, locks and thermostat to when you arrive home. Serious about savings? Add smart outlets to save even more on your energy bill.