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How do I optimize my Wi-Fi speed?

Here are a few things to remember when trying to get the best Wi-Fi signal throughout your home:

  • Position: Try to make sure your router is as near the center of your home as possible. Walls, furniture, mirrors and many other factors can degrade your signal.
  • Interference: Try and keep your modem or router away from other devices that might disrupt the signal, such as microwaves, cordless telephones, gaming consoles, and baby monitors.
  • Device: The age and model of your device can have a significant impact on your Wi-Fi speed. Older devices are not engineered to handle the higher speeds that the latest technology does. If someone in your house is using an older device, it could be limiting the speeds on the newer ones.
  • Channel congestion: Just like a busy highway, many networks near each other can clog the airways. HTC technicians can help identify if there is a lot of congestion on your network and configure your channels for optimum performance.
How do I test my Internet speed?

See how fast your internet is. Remember, there are many factors that affect Wi-Fi signals, so try this speed test both by using your Wi-Fi connection and by plugging an ethernet cable directly into your router.

Before clicking on “GO” make sure the server shows as Horry Telephone Cooperative.

Why are my Internet speeds not the same on my Wi-Fi as a “hard-wired” computer?

Wi-Fi speeds are affected by the number and age of devices connected, the placement of the Wi-Fi router, and interference from other equipment and even from neighbors’ home Wi-Fi. 

As fast as our Wi-Fi may be, connecting via Wi-Fi is not as fast as connecting through a wired connection.