Save up to $30/mo. on your internet bill when you enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program!

Every. Member. Matters.

HTC is not a typical internet company, and you aren’t a typical customer.  At HTC, you’re a member, an integral part of a cooperative that works to better the lives of those who live in the local communities. 

Membership that Pays You in Capital Credits

HTC has refunded over $153 million to our members since 1979! HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, so when excess revenues are earned, they are returned to our members in the form of Capital Credits. The more services you have with HTC, the greater your potential for earning Capital Credits.

Your Membership Benefits

Voting Rights

Vote on important matters including the election of your board of directors.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy affordable rates on all your communication services.

Community Contributions

 HTC is committed to investing in the local communities we serve.

Reach out to Become a Member Today!

Call Member Services at 843.365.2154 or 800.824.6779 or stop into one of our retail locations.