HTC Membership

HTC offers membership benefits to all customers receiving at least one qualifying service. Previously, membership was limited to the geographical service boundary established by the South Carolina Public Service Commission in 1952 and was only available to those with traditional telephone and/or cable television service.

HTC grants membership based on your subscription to any of the following qualifying HTC services: Home Phone, Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet, Wireless Services and Security & Automation; regardless of your service location.

Members receive the following key benefits:

  • Eligibility for Capital Credits – Membership in a cooperative represents ownership of that organization. While HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, when a profit is earned these profits are allocated back to the members in the form of capital credits. So as your cooperative enjoys financial success, as a member of HTC, you share in the success as well. Your portion of those credits is based upon the revenue that is generated by your services. The more services you have with HTC, the greater the opportunity for increased capital credits. While the allocation and payment of capital credits is dependent upon the Cooperative’s operating condition and need for future capital, we have been able to pay more than $146 million back to our members since 1979.
  • Voting Rights – You will now be entitled to vote on important matters including the election of our board of directors. Each member is entitled to one vote.
  • Competitive Pricing – Members of the Cooperative share in very competitive pricing on our products and services.
  • Community Focus – Members can take pride in the fact that the money that is generated in this community is used in this community to improve the quality of life for all.

At HTC, we are committed to being the preferred provider for Home Phone, Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet, Wireless Services and Security & Automation. It is our job to keep you, our member, connected to family, businesses, friends and the world every day. We take pride in our products, our employees and our service. HTC invites you to enjoy all of the benefits of membership!

If you have any questions about membership, please call an HTC representative at 843-365-2154 or the HTC Accounting Department at 843-369-8530.

Capital Credits

Among the many advantages of HTC membership is the annual allocation of Capital Credits. Here’s a quick overview of the Capital Credits process and how it works to benefit you.

The Cooperative Advantage

As a non-profit organization, your Cooperative seeks ways to provide our members the highest quality service at the most affordable rates. It is not always possible, however, to establish rates that ensure that money collected exactly equals money spent.

When the Cooperative collects more member revenue than operating costs, the remainder is allocated among the members based on their respective support of membership services provided by the Cooperative through the assignment of Capital Credits.

This year, more than $5 million in Capital Credits will be paid to you as HTC members. Members with qualifying services during these years will be paid Capital Credit allocations. With the 2020 allocation, HTC will have refunded $146 million to our members in the local community since 1979.  No other telecommunications company can make that claim.

How Does HTC Determine Capital Credits Payments?

Between the time of Capital Credit assignment and ultimate payout, the credits are used as a source of working capital to finance facility and network upgrades, or to reduce the Cooperative’s debt dependency. Each year, the Board of Directors reviews the overall financial condition of the Cooperative and decides what portions of Capital Credit allocations can be returned to the membership without jeopardizing the financial health of the organization.

Capital Credits paid to members are proportionate to the amount of dollars they have spent on HTC services that are associated with a member’s account.

We Appreciate Your Business

For more than 65 years, HTC has invested in the people and communities of Horry and Georgetown counties. And we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. HTC makes every effort to ensure that all refunds are returned to the appropriate member. Members are contacted by mail concerning Capital Credit refunds, with correspondence/refund going to the address on file.

Therefore, it is very important if you relocate out of the area, to keep your forwarding address information current with HTC. If a refund is returned due to invalid address, additional attempts will be made to notify the member through the newspaper and the HTC website.

If you have questions concerning your Capital Credit allocations, please contact an HTC Accounting Representative at 843-369-8530 or 1-800-824-6779.

Special Note: If your refund is less than or equal to $50, you will see the appropriate amount credited on your HTC bill by mid-September in lieu of receiving a check. The refund will be identified as “Capital Credits-Refund” on your bill. This procedure, which HTC implemented several years ago, will save your Cooperative thousands of dollars in mailing and processing costs and provides an immediate benefit to members. If your refund is $50.01 or more, you will receive a check in the mail as you have in the past. Checks are mailed the beginning of September.

Unclaimed Capital Credit Search

From time to time, HTC Capital Credits are not claimed. Those are still available to our members.

Type in your last name or part of the name of your business to see if you have money available.