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It PAYS to be a MEMBER at HTC. 

Membership at HTC means ownership. HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, so when a profit is earned these profits are allocated back to members in the form of capital credits. So as your cooperative enjoys financial success, as a member of HTC, you share in the success as well. Your portion of those credits is based upon the revenue that is generated by your services. The more services you have with HTC, the greater the opportunity for increased capital credits. 

How Does HTC Determine Capital Credits Payments?

Between the time of Capital Credit assignment and ultimate payout, the credits are used as a source of working capital to finance facility and network upgrades, or to reduce your Cooperative’s debt dependency. Each year, the Board of Directors reviews the overall financial condition of the Cooperative and decides what portions of Capital Credit allocations can be returned to members without jeopardizing HTC’s financial health.

HTC makes every effort to ensure that all refunds are returned to the appropriate member. Members are contacted by mail concerning Capital Credit refunds, with correspondence/refund going to the address on file. If you move, it is very important to keep your forwarding address current with HTC. If a refund is returned due to invalid address, additional attempts will be made to notify the member through the newspaper and the HTC website.

If you have questions concerning your Capital Credit allocations, please contact call 843-369-8530 or 1-800-824-6779.


Do you have unclaimed capital credits? Complete the form below to check.


Note: If your refund is less than or equal to $50, you will see the appropriate amount credited on your HTC bill by mid-September in lieu of receiving a check. The refund will be identified as “Capital Credits-Refund” on your bill. This procedure, which HTC implemented several years ago, will save your Cooperative thousands of dollars in mailing and processing costs and provides an immediate benefit to members. If your refund is $50.01 or more, you will receive a check in the mail as you have in the past. Checks are mailed the beginning of September.