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Over $165 million refunded to Members since 1979!

Membership at HTC means ownership.

HTC operates as a nonprofit cooperative, so profits earned are allocated back to members in the form of Capital Credits. Therefore, as your cooperative enjoys financial success you, as a member of HTC, share in the success as well. Your portion of credits is based upon the revenue generated by your services and the years you have been an HTC member. The more services you have with HTC, and the longer you’ve had those services, the greater the opportunity for earning Capital Credits. 

Each year after the annual audit, HTC’s Board of Directors review the overall financial condition of the Cooperative and decides which portions of Capital Credit allocations can be returned to members without jeopardizing HTC’s financial health.

Capital Credit refunds come from one or more allocation years, generally a recent year and one from years past.  This ensures that all members are able to enjoy the financial benefits of membership.

When the Board of Directors determines that Capital Credits can be returned to the members and, if you had service with HTC in the year that the profits were received, the allocations are assigned and a refund is issued by mid-September.

If your refund is more than $50, a check will be mailed to the address on file.

If your refund is less than or equal to $50, you will see the appropriate amount credited on your HTC bill by mid-September in lieu of receiving a check. The refund will be identified as “Capital Credit Refund” on the bill. HTC implemented this procedure to provide an immediate benefit to our members and saves both the Cooperative and its members thousands of dollars in mailing and processing costs.

Any Capital Credits earned while an HTC member belongs to them, even after discontinuing services. HTC makes every effort to ensure that all refunds are returned. Non-active members will have their refund checks mailed to the last address on file.  If HTC is unable to issue the refunds, the member (or someone who is requesting on behalf of a member) will need to take additional steps to claim Capital Credits:


For more information about Capital Credits,  please contact the HTC Capital Credit Department.
843-369-8530 | 800-824-6779


Do you have unclaimed credits? Complete the form below to find out.

If your name and last known address appear, click on the link to download the form. You can either mail the form (which must be notarized) or fill out in person at one of our HTC retail locations

Please note: Unclaimed Capital Credits issued prior to 2004 must be claimed through the SC State Treasurer’s Office. Visit online at or by phone 1-803-737-4771 if you have any questions.