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Broadband powers spring break

Warmer temperatures are just around the corner and spring break will be here soon. While many families are venturing out and beginning to travel again, others are planning relaxing staycations. Whether you’re packed up and ready to hit the road, or need a few ideas for keeping the kids (and yourself) entertained at home, we have some creative options!

Spring break 2021 can still be enjoyable, even if you’re in the backyard. We’re connecting you with ways to use your HTC High-Speed Internet connection to create a memorable spring break.

Virtual family visit

Plan for virtual check-ins with grandparents or other family members who are far off. Make an intentional effort to video chat with a loved one each day. You may not leave your home, but your child will feel like they’ve visited different family members.

Get creative

Launch a free trial to diy.org and allow your kids to find projects, how-to videos, and a community of kids their own age in a safe online environment. The platform walks kids through countless activities like drawing, photography, inventing machines, hip-hop dancing, and so much more. The courses are grouped by age and you can use the app to gain insight into what your kid likes.

Grab a chef’s hat

If your child is always asking to help out in the kitchen, or they’re just fond of making a mess, grab an apron and a tablet and get to work. Find a kid-friendly recipe and bake a dessert or create a 4-course meal. With a reliable internet connection, you can cook for as long as you have the ingredients!

Make it tie-dye

How long has it been since you’ve tackled a tie-dye project? Not surprisingly, the internet is filled with videos on how to add twists of color to everything from a t-shirt to tennis shoes. Grab a tie-dye kit at your local store or from an online retailer, and explore the many designs and tie-dye tips you can find online.

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