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Convenient Bulk Solutions for Any Size Community or Complex

Need a fiber network for 1,000 apartment units? How about security for a 50-home subdivision?

HTC offers bulk services at a discount rate for apartments, MDUs, communities, campus housing and multi-tenant business complexes.

We work with HOA’s, developers, and owners to create custom solutions with discounted rates. Choose from bulk Internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps, Cable TV and Security. 


HTC Internet WiFi Service


Residents want Wi-Fi more than water. It’s the number one amenity residents request.


Cost Effective

Bulk agreements can offer cheaper rates than typical standard rates. This can help unit owners or the association save money on their monthly bill.

Faster Connection

Bulk services typically deliver faster speeds and feature-rich packages.

Simple Setup

Service can be working in minutes when residents move in.


Get everything you need and nothing you don’t with custom solutions for your community or complex.

Bulk Solutions for MDU

Get a custom solution and learn more about bulk internet, cable and security services in your multi-dwelling community.