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HTC Digital Cable offers a wide variety of programming options ranging from basic cable programming to digital cable and premium movie channels. You can sign up for service by calling our Customer Care Department at 843-365-2154 or by visiting any of our 9 retail locations.

HTC Digital Cable is offered through most of Horry County and part of Georgetown County. To determine if cable is available in your area, please call our Customer Care Department at 843-365-2154.

HTC Digital Cable offers more than 200 networks in a variety of categories including local, news, sports, movies, music, business, children’s, family and more. Visit our Channel Line-up section for a complete list of available networks.

HTC Digital Cable’s goal is to maintain a line-up that offers quality programming while keeping competitive rates. There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming for HTC Digital Cable. In general, some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings, financial availability of the company offering the channel, availability of open channels on our cable system and whether or not there are similar channels on our line-up.

Network request help us make decisions when we are able to add or change our line-up. You may submit your request by calling our Customer Care Department at 843-365-2154 or visit the Contact Us section of this site.

Customers can have networks removed from their cable line-up by using the parental control feature available on HTC Digital Cable set-top boxes. For more information on Parental Controls, refer to the Digital Cable section.

HTC Digital Cable considers your personal information to be confidential. The Cable Act authorizes HTC Digital Cable as a cable operator to disclose personal information concerning any subscriber for the following purposes if the disclosure is:

  •     Necessary to render or conduct a legitimate business activity related to the cable service or other services provided to the subscriber.
  •     Required by law or legal process.
  •     Names and addresses of subscribers for “mailing list” or other purposes.

The Cable Act of 1992 prohibits HTC Digital Cable from disclosing personal information concerning subscriber for any purpose other than those listed above without the subscriber’s prior written or electronic consent.

These kinds of disclosures typically involve billing and collections, administration, surveys, marketing, service delivery and customization, maintenance and operations, and fraud prevention. We may also collect, use and disclose information about you in non-personally identifiable or aggregate formats, such as ratings surveys and service usage and other statistical reports, which do not personally identify you, your particular viewing habits, or the nature of any transaction you have made over the cable system.

No. HTC Digital Cable respects the privacy of each of its customers and does not track individual viewing habits.

Televisions manufactured in the early 90s and labeled “cable ready” tend to have limited channel capacity ranging from 0 to 30 or 40 channels. In cases where your television will not receive more channels, a set-top box from HTC Digital Cable will be necessary to receive networks located on higher frequencies. Televisions manufactured in 1996 and later were built with increased channel capacity, capable of receiving as many as 130 channels. To determine if your current television is cable ready with the desired channel capacity, consult the user guide that came with your television.

Cable theft is the unauthorized interception and/or receipt of any communications service offered over a cable system without the consent of the cable operator. Cable theft usually occurs when an individual knowingly and willfully makes illegal physical connections to a cable system or alters or installs any unauthorized equipment so that the cable signal can be received without the authorization or knowledge of a cable operator.

Any unauthorized person who intercepts or receives communications provided over a cable system may be penalized under the Cable Communication Policy Act of 1984 [47 C.F.R. 553(c)]. This includes the theft of audio, video, textual data, and any other service. The law applies to manufacturers and distributors of equipment as well as to individuals. Parties found guilty of cable theft are subject to both civil and criminal penalties, which may include substantial fines and/or time in prison.

A digital set-top box is a powerful computer that receives cable input and processes multiple channels into a single frequency so that sound and images can be viewed on your television. When a digital set-top is attached to your TV, you will be able to watch digital channels. The digital set-top also authorizes customers’ TVs to receive all of the cable channels that they are entitled per their subscription choice.

Hooking up external components to your digital cable set-top is easy. For more information, please refer to the Users Guides section for hook-up diagrams.

Yes. Digital programming packages and premium services such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax or STARZ! signals are scrambled in transmission to your home. When you order a premium service to be added to your account, you are then authorized to view the programming on that channel(s). The digital set-top box descrambles the signal, allowing you to enjoy your digital or premium services.

With HTC Digital Cable, it’s easy to find your favorite channels. With the i-Guide onscreen programming guide from TV Guide you can search by start time, channel, or area of interest. Just point and click. For more information, refer to the i-Guide Reference Manual.

By using the Parental Control feature, you can restrict viewing and purchases of TV programming based on your viewing preferences. Click HERE for instructions on setting up Parental Locks.

Your digital cable remote is a universal remote that can control your TV, DVD Player or VCR, Stereo Receiver and digital set-top. To set up your remote control, refer to the instruction listed in the i-Guide reference manual.

Digital Music is one of the greatest benefits of HTC Digital Cable. HTC Digital Cable offers 46 commercial-free, CD-quality music channels in a variety of categories from 70’s Rock to Jazz, Classical to Country and more. It’s all there, and best of all, these channels are included at no additional charge when you subscribe to either the standard or Digital Video Recorder set-top box.

Pay-Per-View Movies and Events

It’s easy to stay home and watch movies and events with HTC Digital Cable Movies and Events. Just tune to channel 500 daily for sneak previews and up-to-the-minute schedules of what’s on each month. Then go to the PPV Time or Title listings menu and just choose and click the movie or event you want to watch using your remote. Then follow the onscreen instruction to purchase. All that is left is to sit back and enjoy.

Before the beginning of the movie or event starts, highlight the ordered program in any of the listings menus, and then press OK. Highlight the Cancel option and press OK.

A Purchase Code is a personalized 4-digit PIN that allows you to restrict ordering of programming purchases. Once the purchase code is set, only individuals with the code will be allowed to order any movies or events.

To set Purchase Codes, select Setup from the Main Menu, Select PINs Setup and then follow the onscreen prompts to setup, clear or change your PINs.

Don’t worry. With our digital set-top boxes, you will only be billed if you tune to the channel of the ordered movie or event while it is playing. However, keep in mind that if you turn to the channel, even for a second, you will be billed.

In some circumstances, blocks may have been placed on your set-top box. If this happens, you may still order your movie or event by calling the number on the screen.

If you believe that you are being billed for movies or events that you did not order, you will need to contact HTC to determine what the problem may be. You may also want to set up a Purchase Code (See i-Guide Reference Manual).

No. The movie or event ordered will only appear on the box that it was ordered.


To operate the set-top box, the digital cable remote must be in the cable mode. To put the remote in the cable mode, do the following:

  1. Press CABLE and try to change the channels. If this does not work, try step 2.
  2. Take the batteries out of the remote, put them back in and try again. If the remote still does not work, proceed to step 3.
  3. Press the upward triangle button on the front of the set-top box. If the channel changes, proceed to step 4.
  4. Replace the batteries in the remote. If this does not correct the problem, the remote may need to be replaced. Please call HTC Repair at 365-2186 or 611 from any HTC telephone or stop by any of our 9 retail locations.

If you are having problems with your cable reception:

  • Check all cable connections to make sure they are tight.
  • Check all wires for fraying or any other damage, such as animals chewing on the wire or furniture sitting on the line.
  • Make sure that your TV is on the proper channel to work with your set-top box and/or VCR. In most cases, this is either channel 3 or 4.

If the reception is still not good after trying the above steps, please call HTC Repair at 365-2186 or 611 from any HTC phone to report the problem. Please make sure to give the HTC representative as much information as possible (any recent digging in your area, neighbors experiencing similar problems, double images on any channels, any HTC work vans in your area, etc.) when reporting your problem. This information will help the HTC representative identify the potential cause of the reception problem you are experiencing.

Try unplugging the set-top box and then plugging it back in. This will reset the set-top box and allow for data to be downloaded. It will take some time for the information to appear. If there is still a problem after the information has appeared, please call HTC Repair at 843-365-2186 or 611 from any HTC telephone.

Most TV sets come with color and tint controls. These controls can be adjusted to the personal preference of the viewer. Please refer to your TV’s User Manual for directions on changing these settings.

If there is a power failure or your set-top box was unplugged, the set-top box can loose the program information. Once power is restored, wait about 15-30 minutes and the channels and program data will begin to reload.

Although your onscreen programming guide, i-Guide, checks all data thoroughly before it is sent to your home, programmers do sometimes change their schedules at the last minute without notification.

Sun spots are dark spots that move across the surface of the Sun, expanding and contracting as they move. This dark area is a temporary concentration of the Sun’s magnetic field. A flare is the release of the magnetic energy from the area of the sun spot. If this magnetic energy reaches the earth, it can affect electronic equipment such as satellites and other equipment used in the telecommunications industry. It can also affect RF transmissions such as cable TV and can affect electrical power grids.

The red light on your set-top box indicates that you have a message from HTC Digital Cable on your set-top box. To view the message, select MENU on your remote control. Use the arrow key to highlight MESSAGES and then press okay. After reading the message there will be an option to keep or delete the message. When you delete the message, the red light will disappear.

A solar outage is a common and predictable phenomenon that happens twice each year (March and October). Solar outages can cause your signal to be unusable for short periods of time. These outages may last from 5-10 minutes each day for a 10 to 14 day period.

TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere keeps you connected to some of your favorite programs from participating programmers on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and Xbox.  With an HTC Digital Cable TV Everywhere username and password, you have access to some of the best shows, movies and live streams of networks available.  Please click here for a list of available networks.

Video On Demand (VOD)

With HTC Digital Cable On Demand you get a library of hundreds of On Demand movies and shows from networks* like Cartoon Network, Food Network, HGTV, History, Travel Channel, Exercise TV and more. Many of these movies and shows are FREE. You also get the convenience of new-release movies right on your TV and ready to start anytime you want. You can also watch them as often as you like within 24 hours of the initial purchase.

*Subscription to associate channel required to view On Demand programming from that channel.

HTC Digital Cable On Demand allows you to enjoy thousands of shows and movies whenever you want – many are FREE. You get instant access to some of your favorite cable shows, kids programming, music, sports, movies, and more. You can also play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward most shows from the On Demand menu anytime, without a VCR or DVD player.

You may simply go to Channel 1, where you will be directed to the HTC Digital Cable On Demand main menu. You may also access HTC Digital Cable On Demand through the main menu by pressing the On Demand button or by pressing the VOD button on your remote.

No. Accessing and browsing the On Demand menu is included at no additional charge with your HTC Digital Cable set-top box subscription. HTC Digital Cable On Demand includes hundreds of movies and shows – many are FREE. New release movies, adult programs, special events and other shows may carry fees, please check your on screen guide before ordering. Any programs that carry a fee will have a confirmation screen before they begin confirming your order. HTC Digital Cable On Demand services are not available in all areas.

Yes. HTC On Demand offers you the convenience of watching your premium channel movies anytime you want at no additional charge. Many premium channels also offer hit series and other programs On Demand if you missed the original premiere or you want to catch up on past episodes.

The program fee will appear on screen, and you will always receive an order confirmation box before the start of any program that carries a fee, asking you to confirm your purchase.

Yes. If you rent a HTC Digital Cable On Demand program for a fee, the purchases will be added to your monthly HTC bill, and the program title will be listed for your reference. Free content will not be shown on your monthly bill.

Yes. If you stop your show and want to come back to it later, it will automatically be saved in the My Rentals folder on the main On Demand menu. You can restart or resume your movie anytime within 24 hours from the original purchase at no additional charge. Some movies will be available for 36 hours.

Yes. New shows are added often, so you can check back to the menu frequently and see what’s new.

To get to the last On Demand screen, press the “Last” button on your remote.

Yes. Use the arrow keys or the play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward buttons on your remote. Most shows and movies will allow you to rewind. The Fast Forward feature is disabled on some programs due to contract requirements.

Due to traffic on the On Demand platform, HTC Digital Cable On Demand may be unavailable for a short period of time. Please try accessing HTC Digital Cable On Demand again in a few minutes. If you are still unable to access HTC Digital Cable On Demand, please contact our repair department at 611 from any HTC phone or at 843-365-2186.

No. You should be able to enjoy the rest of your cable channels without interruption.