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HTC increases internet speeds

HTC High-Speed Internet gets an upgrade! We know people are relying on the internet more than ever. From online learning to an impromptu home office, connection is what keeps us going, especially in time of change.

To support your family with connecting multiple devices, more streaming, and access to necessary telehealth appointments, HTC has upgraded its internet speeds. You now have access to base-level internet speeds of up to 300Mbps. Of course, for those who need even faster connectivity, HTC offers internet speeds up to 1Gig.

With faster home internet speeds, your family can enjoy streaming videos with less buffering, quickly download large documents, and seamlessly engage in online learning. With an expansive fiber-optic network, HTC is the local leader in broadband services.

Your family is now relying on internet for a plethora of activities. Having the right internet speed means your entertainment is uninterrupted when it’s finally time to slow down.

14 thoughts on “HTC increases internet speeds

  1. is there an additional charge for this service? I have to say that my bill went from around $56 to $96 in one year. Being on a fixed income this was quite a hit. I have just basic service, same old movies and TV shows. I wish someone could give us seniors a discount.
    Thank you,

  2. Hello
    With the recent announcement of faster internet speed I find my internet to be slower. Not sure why thats happening, but not thrilled to say the least, especially since I pay for tier two. Maybe I should reduce to tier one? Save myself the money!

  3. When does the 300 mbps go into affect? I’m
    On cable modem and getting 162 mbps downloads and 24 mbps uploads.

    1. Hey Don. It should be in effect now in most areas. You may need to call our tech support team at 843-365-2186 to have them make some adjustments to your modem.

  4. My internet speed struggles to reach 90 mbps. I am told that the speeds you advertise are impossible to achieve at my location. We pay for 100 mbps and we do not get what we pay for.
    I considered changing to HTC Max but I’m sure it will not work well. Ie: buffering and the like.

    1. You need to call our tech support team at 843-365-2186 and have them troubleshoot your modem. Most areas are now at 300 mbps. You should be able to stream TV MAX with no problem at all.

  5. The new speeds are great. I just did a speed test and I got 304 MBPS. You used to charge $30 extra for another hundred MBPS. Thanks.

    1. You may need to contact our technical support team at 843-365-2186 so they can make adjustments to your modem. Also, is that speed check from a device connected with an ethernet or on wi-fi?

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