Upgrade cable TV with HTC TV MAX streaming service. Now available!


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Act now and be streaming your favorite Cable TV programming in minutes. 


Record up to 10 hours of shows and movies in the cloud or customize your settings to record an entire series. Watch your favorite shows on your time.

Restart TV

Never miss the beginning of a show again, with Restart TV you can go back to the beginning of a show currently in progress.

Replay TV

Available with most channels, Replay TV provides access to up to 72 hours of shows that can be viewed, even if you didn’t record them.

User Guide

The TV MAX full color guide helps you find, view, and record your favorite shows with just a few clicks. Easily navigate the streaming platform.


Thousands of hours of content from your favorite cable channels is now available anytime you are. Enjoy VOD from a compatible mobile device.

Live & Local

Live and local channels broadcast in high definition are delivered to your TV with the same quality. Get live local and national channels.

Easy-to-use guide makes finding your favorite programming a snap.

Use the easy-to-navigate filter to find your favorite programming more quickly.


Check your Device

HTC TV MAX is compatible with a host of devices and Smart TVs. Click to see if yours is included.

Setting up in My Account

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