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Pro TIPS for a BETTER Home Wi-Fi Experience

Wi-Fi performance issues are often caused by unsuspecting factors and not the Wi-Fi equipment or the internet service itself. Here are our top tips to enjoy fast speeds and constant connectivity.


Speed Test

Run a speed test on a WIRED connection. Speed tests are more accurate on wired connections because wireless speeds are affected by so many other variables. This will confirm the speeds delivered to your home and what you can expect out of your Wi-Fi network.


Place your Wi-Fi router in a CENTRAL location so that signal can reach more rooms in your home.

    • Beware of furniture, doors and walls. These can obstruct your signals ability to extend throughout your home.
    • Avoid cramped and cluttered spaces like cabinets, closets, or drawers.
    • Elevate your Wi-Fi router. Signals travel outward and downward and may struggle to reach devices if placed on the floor.


Keep Wi-Fi router away from devices that emit radio waves. Devices like microwaves, game consoles, security cameras and other electronics can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal. 

  • Avoid placing Wi-Fi router near Bluetooth devices. These operate on the same frequency and can interfere with your Wi-Fi transmission. 


Protect you Wi-Fi with a password to keep unwanted users from using your bandwidth and slowing your speeds.


Make sure you’re on the right frequency.

    • If you have a newer device, try switching from the 2.4GHz band to 5Ghz.
    • 5Ghz has less range than 2.4Ghz, but if there’s less interference, your range and speed may improve.


Know your devices. Different devices can have very different Wi-Fi capabilities and impact Wi-Fi performance.

    • Older devices may not be able to keep up with faster feeds. Newer smartphones, tablets and computers will be faster than older ones.
    • Unused devices may be using up bandwidth. Turn them off when not in use.
    • Too many devices can cause congestion on your Wi-Fi network. Know the number of devices your network can support.
    • One device may be a bandwidth hog. Disconnect your devices one at a time and then check your speed. You may find one device in your home is slowing your speed.
    • Hardwire devices like your gaming consoles or digital media players directly to your router to help free up your wireless network for other devices like laptops and tablets.

Check for Updates

Keep firmware and operating systems (phones, tablets, computers) updated to avoid slow connections. Stay up-to-date with the latest Wi-Fi technology.

Start Fresh

Restart your router to clear its memory and tasks that were bogging it down. Reset your modem. Reboot devices connected to Wi-Fi to give your network a boost.

Smart Wi-Fi

Optimize your Wi-fi with HTC Smart Wi-Fi. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you may need more than a single router for whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. Smart Wi-Fi is our wall-to-wall, whole-home Wi-Fi solution.

Upgrade to Faster Internet

Are you a super user? Sometimes you need more speed to power all the devices in your home. Upgrade to a faster internet plan to get faster Wi-Fi speeds.

Need more Wi-Fi wisdom? Check out our Support page full of Wi-Fi help or call Tech Support 24/7 at 843-369-2186.