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Step 4: Install and Place Door/Window Sensors

Locate your door/window sensors and the accompanying adhesive backings for each sensor and magnet.

Apply the adhesive

Remove the battery pull tabs

Remove the protective film

The sensor consists of two pieces: the large transmitter and the small magnet. When placing the sensors, make sure to align the raised line on the side of the magnet with the raised line on the side of the transmitter (see picture below). If the magnet is installed on the wrong side of the transmitter the sensor will not function properly.

Align using raised line on the sides of the transmitter and magnet. When installed, the transmitter and magnet should be within 5/8″ of each other and not further apart than the width of a pencil.


Attach the sensor to your doors or windows (see below)

  • You may need to modify the configuration of the transmitter/magnet depending on your door/window and it’s trim, molding or casing.
  • Best case scenario places the transmitter on the door/window frame and the magnet on the door/window. Placement must allow for proper opening/closing of door or window.