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Glass Break Detector

Senses the Sound of Glass Breaking

Add a 360 degree glass break detector to alert you of a potential break-in and to scare intruders away.

Windows are a prime entry point for intruders. If a window is broken, the sensor detects the sound of glass breaking and triggers an alarm. Plus, with professional monitoring, it alerts the monitoring center of a break-in.

Easy to Install

Peel & stick installation. Anyone can setup in no time. No tools required.

Sounds Alarm

Deter intruders from entering home when alarm sounds. 


Get instant notification in the case of a break-in.


Wireless sensor covers your home with total security.

Build A Smarter Home

Make life easier and improve your home security when you pair a glass break detector with smart lights, garage door and thermostat. Automate your lights, locks and thermostat to when you arrive home. Serious about savings? Add smart outlets to save even more on your energy bill.



1. Determine a wall or ceiling location to mount the glass break detector. Location must be at least 5 feet away from the window or sliding glass door and no more than 25 feet from the area you wish to protect.
2. Press the plastic tab to open the mounting bracket and separate the bracket from the detector.
3. Fasten the mounting bracket to the wall or ceiling using the included double-sided tape or screws and drywall anchors. Double-sided tape is not recommended on textured surfaces.

Now it’s time to call HTC at (843) 369-7887 to finalize the installation and activation of your equipment. Professionals will walk you through testing your equipment to make sure it is fully active and ready to protect and secure what matters most.

Glass break detector

Price: $90

Actively monitors for glass break including plate, tempered, laminated and wired glass with 360 degree coverage.