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Smart Plugs and Dimmers

Control any electronic device that plugs into a standard outlet from your smartphone or automate it so that it reacts to your schedules and triggers from your security system. The dimmer can even dim compatible light bulbs.

Simply plug it into any wall socket, plug your chosen electronic device into it then control it through your app. You can use it with a lamp, TV, crockpot, coffee machine, iron, whatever you like.

Energy Savings

Smart plugs can help lower your energy bill by automatically turning off appliances like your TV which consume energy in standby mode when you’re not home. Automatically have them switch off when you arm your security system in the same way your smart thermostat sets back.


Did you remember to unplug the iron? Never worry again with total control from your smartphone. Smart plugs are also great for automating everyday kitchen devices. You can start your day with your coffee maker already working or load your crockpot in the morning and turn it on with your smartphone from work.


When you plug a lamp into a smart plug, it becomes a smart light with home security benefits. You never have to come home to a dark house again and you can make it look like someone is home even when you are away.

Save More Energy

For additional savings and to conserve more energy, add a smart thermostat to your home.



1. Plug the lamp or appliance you wish to control into the socket of the Lamp/Appliance Module or Outlet Dimmer Module.
2. Plug in the Lamp/Appliance Module or Outlet Dimmer Module into an electrical outlet. The LED button will illuminate.

Now it’s time to call HTC at (843) 369-7887 to finalize the installation and activation of your equipment. Professionals will walk you through testing your equipment to make sure it is fully active and ready to protect and secure what matters most.

The dimmer (left) and outlet.

Price: $40

Both plug directly into any standard electrical outlet to control any lamp or electronic device. The dimmer works with dim-compatible lightbulbs.