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Come Home to Comfort with a Smart Thermostat

Save energy when you’re away from home then adjust to the perfect temperature before you get back for a nice welcome home.  Adjust your thermostat from your app or set automations based on when you leave home and when you are on your way back.

Save Energy

Set your thermostat back a few degrees when no one is home to lower your energy bill. It’s easy to forget before leaving home so you can manage it through your app or set automations for automatic savings.


Your smart thermostat responds when you are your security system, arrive home or lock the house. Plus, you can adjust the temperature anytime from your app.


Your smart thermostat automatically pauses during a fire or carbon monoxide leak to slow the spread of fumes. It also alerts you to low temperatures or HVAC malfunctions that could allow water pipes to freeze and burst. Plus, it monitors for humidity and alerts you to risk for mold.

Build a Smarter Home

Make life easier and improve your home security when you pair a smart thermostat with smart lights and door locks. Automate your lights, locks and thermostat to when you arrive home. Serious about savings? Add smart outlets to save even more on your energy bill.