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Protect Your Family from the “Silent Killer” with a Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas that can kill you quickly. It is called the “silent killer” because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and non- irritating. If the early signs of CO poisoning are not detected, you may lose consciousness and be unable to escape the danger.

Ordinary carbon monoxide detectors offer limited protection. You’re safer with a smart detector that works with your security system. It alerts your family and the Professional Monitoring Station if carbon monoxide is detected.

Protect your family from harmful carbon monoxide poisoning with this easy to install detector as part of your HTC Security System.

Professionally Monitored

Your monitoring service alerts 911 for you. If you can’t call for help, they’ve got your back.

Real-Time Awareness

Your app instantly alerts you to danger. Plus, get audible and visual alerts at the first sign of a CO threat. 


Your family is protected with a wireless sensor that covers your home. 

Build A Smarter Home

Make life easier and improve your home security when you pair a smart carbon monoxide detector with smart locks and thermostat. Automate your locks and thermostat to when you your alarm sounds.

Unlock the doors to make it easy for family to get out.

If your HVAC is running, toxic fumes spread faster. Help protect your family by setting automation to pause your thermostat when the alarm sounds. 



1. Separate the mounting bracket from the carbon monoxide detector by turning the detector counter-clockwise while holding the mounting bracket steady.
2. Place the detector in a hall nearest primary sleeping areas if multiple detectors are not installed in each separate bedroom. Avoid placing the detector near ventilation (AC, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, etc.).
3. Mark and drill two holes in the mounting surface using the mounting bracket as a template in the desired location.
4. Fasten the mounting bracket to the mounting surface using the two screws and drywall anchors provided.

Now it’s time to call HTC at (843) 369-7887 to finalize the installation and activation of your equipment. Professionals will walk you through testing your equipment to make sure it is fully active and ready to protect and secure what matters most.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $90

Provides early warning of carbon monoxide poisoning danger with visual and audible alarm indications.