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Your Home Needs a SMART Smoke Detector

Ordinary smoke detectors offer limited protection. You’re safer with a smart smoke detector that works with your security system.

Not only does it alert you and the professional monitoring station that smoke or heat is sensed, it can provide life-saving tasks like turning off your HVAC system during a fire to prevent the spread, turn on your camera to record, unlock doors for firefighters to get in and turn on smart lighting to make it easier for you to get out. 

If you only get one smart home device, this is it.

Professional Monitoring

Your monitoring service alerts 911 for you 24/7. If you can’t call for help, they’ve got your back.

Real-Time Alerts

Your app shows you where the danger is so you can adjust your escape route.

False Alarm Protection

Just a burnt dinner? Cancel a false alarm instantly with Smart Signal.

Build A Smarter Home

Make life easier and improve your home security when you pair a smart smoke detector with smart lights, locks and thermostat. Automate your lights, locks and thermostat to when you your alarm sounds. If your heat or AC is running when a fire occurs, toxic fumes spread faster. Help protect your home by setting automations to pause your thermostat automatically when the alarm sounds. 

If the cause of a fire is unclear, it can take longer for insurers to make it right. You can speed the process by programming automations for your indoor cameras to record and upload footage automatically in emergencies, making it easy to show investigators what happened.



1. Separate the mounting bracket from the smoke detector by turning the smoke detector counter-clockwise while holding the mounting bracket steady.
2. Find a location for mounting. The detector is most effective if mounted high on the ceiling or no more than 12 inches below the ceiling if mounted on
a wall. Avoid areas within 10 feet of a cooking appliance and areas near a window, door, or ducts to prevent interference with operation. See note below for additional resources in regards to placement.
3. Mark and drill two holes in the mounting surface using the mounting bracket as a template in the desired location.
4. Fasten the mounting bracket to the mounting surface using the two screws and drywall anchors provided.
5. Place the included sponges over the screw openings (see included diagram).

Now it’s time to call HTC at (843) 369-7887 to finalize the installation and activation of your equipment. Professionals will walk you through testing your equipment to make sure it is fully active and ready to protect and secure what matters most.

Price: $75

Provides alerts for smoke, tamper and device low battery