Wireless Smoke Detector

Protect your family and home from the threat of fire with this Wireless Smoke Detector.

Mounted on the ceiling or no more than a foot below it, this equipment will alert you at the first sign of smoke in the home.

When synced  with your control panel, the fire alarm can save precious minutes when alerting the fire department in the event of an emergency.



1. Separate the mounting bracket from the smoke detector by turning the smoke detector counter-clockwise while holding the mounting bracket steady.
2. Find a location for mounting. The detector is most effective if mounted high on the ceiling or no more than 12 inches below the ceiling if mounted on
a wall. Avoid areas within 10 feet of a cooking appliance and areas near a window, door, or ducts to prevent interference with operation. See note below for additional resources in regards to placement.
3. Mark and drill two holes in the mounting surface using the mounting bracket as a template in the desired location.
4. Fasten the mounting bracket to the mounting surface using the two screws and drywall anchors provided.
5. Place the included sponges over the screw openings (see included diagram).

Now it’s time to call HTC at (843) 369-7887 to finalize the installation and activation of your equipment. Professionals will walk you through testing your equipment to make sure it is fully active and ready to protect and secure what matters most.

Wireless smoke detector

Price: $75

Provides alerts for smoke, tamper and device low battery

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