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Explore one of the easiest ways to stream your favorite content on your TV. The HTC Tech Tuesday episode that showcases the Amazon Fire TV Stick explains how the tech tool allows you to access streaming services like Hulu, Prime Video, and the new HTC streaming service, HTC TV MAX.

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    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll be talking with the HTC TV MAX product manager to see if that’s possible. If it is, we’ll get it on the support page. T

    2. The sound bar and head phone audio has nothing to do with the amazon fire stick. They are both connected to the TV using the remote that came with the soundbar. The install instruction booklet that came with the sound bar will have instructions for connection to the TV. If you no longer have the install instructions, you can go to the appropriate device manufacturer’s website and access the instructions on-line.

      Once the sound bar is correctly connected to the TV, the soundbar will work no matter what input to the TV you are using. For example, I was using input HDMI 3 on my TV when it was connected to a cable box. When I installed the Fire Stick, I put it in HDMI 4. No problem, I did not have to change anything with the sound.

      There is a gadget you can get from Amazon that allows you to power the Fire Stick from a USB port usually found on the back of your TV adjacent to the HDMI ports. This will save you from running a cord to a wall outlet and is especially helpful if you have a wall-mounted TV with no cords showing. One tip if you decide to use this usb power source: during the Fire Stick install the set-up software will tell you the device is underpowered. You can ignore that warning and continue with the install and the Fire Stick will work fine. Been using mine for weeks and have not had any problem.

      Good Luck.

    1. We offer the Firestick for those who may not have a smart TV, as well as the ones who may not have smart TVs in other rooms. With TV MAX, you can have different streams going at one time.

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