AT&T offers open enrollment for insurance

Broken phone

Have you ever cracked a screen on a mobile device and wish you had purchased the insurance policy?

Beginning Feb. 1, eligible AT&T customers outside of the 30-day window to sign up can get device protection in the open enrollment program.*

If you have an active postpaid wireless account, your device is not damaged and in good working condition and the program claim limit has not been reached, you qualify to sign up against loss, theft and damage.

Visit one of our HTC Retail Locations today to inquire or sign up. Open enrollment ends March 31.

*Certain restrictions apply

2 thoughts on “AT&T offers open enrollment for insurance

  1. What are the restrictions for open enrollment insurance on my cell phone, and how much are the charges?

    1. You can call our customer service team at 843-365-2154 and they can walk you through your options depending on your device.

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