Get ready to cash in on HTC Capital Credits

One of the major benefits of being an HTC member is the receipt of Capital Credits, or cash back. Here's how it works: Any revenue remaining after all the Cooperative’s expenses have been paid are returned to members via Capital Credits in proportion to their usage of HTC services. HTC has refunded over $122 million in Capital Credits to its members since 1979.

This year, approximately $4 million in Capital Credits will be paid directly to HTC members. If you qualify for more than $25, you can look forward to receiving a check in the mail the second week in September. Movie night, anyone? If you qualify for $25 or less, you can expect a nice credit on your August or September bill. We hope you enjoy your Capital Credits. It really does pay to be a member.

For more details about our Capital Credits program, call us at 843-369-8530 or 1-844-249-9864. Make sure to watch your mailbox for your refund coming in September!