HTC to unveil TV streaming product

If you’re ready to maximize your television viewing experience, HTC TV MAX is the streaming service you need. HTC is excited to unveil what will soon be the newest service added to the HTC product lineup, and it comes with a few great benefits to our members.

HTC TV MAX is in its testing phase, and will be available in the coming months. The new service will feature a streaming platform that has the potential to save members money on their monthly bill. The streaming service doesn’t require an HD box, so you’ll be able to eliminate that hardware and the associated cost.

In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite channels in high-definition. More than 120 channels will be presented in the highest quality, enhancing your late-night or weekend binging experience. Use play back and DVR to catch the shows you miss, and access programming from your phone, tablet or laptop.

HTC TV MAX will mirror the digital cable subscription, offering your local channels and all the live programming you enjoy. The guide is consolidated and easy to navigate. Scroll through available channels or use voice control to search for the programming you desire. It’s the best of both worlds, combining a modern streaming experience with the traditional easy-to-use functionality of cable TV.

Visit our HTC TV MAX page to learn more to be one of the first to try the new feature. It’s time to take it to the MAX.

12 thoughts on “HTC to unveil TV streaming product

  1. update on maximizetv, development Hidden Oaks off ford road we have fiber optic now Georgetown county s.litchfield 29585.

  2. Can you tell me what it means in the main user section if it says “HTCIPTV-XMA-$75” what in the world does that mean ?

  3. If u don’t need a cable box? Then will there be any cables or will it be just like sling, ? Using the internet with a username and password? And then u will always be connected to internet with chances of someone stealing your info? And will there be a limit of TVs, etc.

    1. Yes, it will work kind of like Sling does, except that you will have the same guide you do on your Cable Box now. There is a host of features, including Cloud DVR, Start Over, Rewind (watch a show that aired up to 72 hours ago), On Demand, and much more. There will be a limit on the number of simultaneous streams, which I think at the moment is 3. There won’t be a chance of anyone stealing your info, because the system will only work with YOUR HTC High-Speed Internet.

  4. Hello. When will the On Demand Service be available in my area?
    Wilshire Lane, Murrells Inlet.

    1. When TV MAX is available, it will run off any HTC standard High-Speed Internet package. It will not be exclusive to fiber optic service.

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