Join HTC for fun, food and earth friendliness

HTc Green Fair

HTC will host its 10th Annual Green Fair and National Earth Day celebration on Wednesday, April 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the HTC retail store in Conway on Highway 501 across from HGTC.

HTC, along with other environmental leaders and organizations, will demonstrate the benefits of sustainability and educate the community about the importance of conservation and recycling at this special event in honor of National Earth Day.

The event is free and everyone is invited to join in the planned festivities:

  • Drop off old telephone directories and cell phones for recycling.
  • Drop off e-waste, any kind of used electronic devices, for recycling.
  • Sign up for paperless billing.
  • Visit booths set up by local environmentally responsible organizations to learn about green initiatives.
  • Drop off sensitive documents for FREE onsite shredding by Shred-it.

Visitors will also enjoy FREE giveaway items, a live band, hot dogs and other refreshments. Come join us for fun, food and earth friendliness under the sun.

14 thoughts on “Join HTC for fun, food and earth friendliness

  1. Why Wednesday? By having it on a Wednesday you are assured folks who work during the week will not be able to attend. How about a Saturday?

    1. Apologies, I didn’t see it. We try to coordinate the Green Fair with Earth Day, during that week. We have the event during a weekday so we can assure to have it properly staffed. It takes a lot of employees to run the event, cook the food, etc., and some of those teams don’t work on the weekend. Also, many of those who participate also prefer a weekday.

  2. Will the shred it be there the entire time. I have 4 boxes of stuff and been trying to get it to a free shred it day but keep missing them because of other commitments. I so want to get rid of this paper stuff.

  3. Some friendly suggestions for future Earth Day events:
    – Consider more eco-friendly food options. Hot dogs and burgers have a large carbon footprint compared to other options, and snack sized chips have packaging that is difficult (but not impossible- check out terracycle) to recycle.
    – No one (except me) recycled their empty soda cans. Placing recycling bins and maybe a representative or signage would be a great way to educate/remind people about recycling.
    – Consider partnering with local composting businesses to demonstrate and educate people about the impact of food waste.
    – In addition to electronic waste, consider adding other ‘hard to recycle’ items to this special day.

    Just some thoughts… I really did enjoy the event. Hope to see you next year!

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