TV MAX is HD Access without a Set-top Box

You don’t want to be tied down by a cable cord or set-top box, and we get it. HTC has launched an in-home streaming service that allows members to use their HTC Internet service to stream cable channels in high definition. 

HTC TV MAX also provides access to premium channels and the ability to record multiple channels simultaneously without the rental of a set-top box or DVR.  With this service, members can access their subscription TV service via an app on their own equipment. 

Plus, with HTC TV MAX, you can take your favorite shows on the road. When away from home, use your TV MAX username and password from any internet connection to schedule or watch recorded content from your TV MAX DVR. You can also access full episodes, movies, and more online with your HTC TV MAX subscription through the included channel streaming apps on HTC TV Everywhere. In addition, enjoy the TV MAX platform from a desktop computer or laptop.

  • Pause Live TV: With the ability to pause live TV, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite show or sporting event. HTC TV MAX provides up to 30 minutes of pause time. You’ll never miss the game winning shot or portion of the movie thanks to this built-in feature.
  • Startover TV: Watch each show from the very beginning with Startover TV. When you select to watch a live program, a small pop-up appears on the screen asking if you’d like to “Restart this program form the beginning?” Click “Yes” and you’ll be taken to the beginning of that program.
  • Lookback TV: Browse through the past 72 hours of already-played programming, depending on the programmer’s permissions, with the Lookback TV functionality. This feature allows you to watch recently aired programs without having to record the show.
  • DVR: Watch your favorite shows when it’s convenient for you with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) feature from HTC TV MAX. Every HTC TV MAX subscription includes at least 10 hours of free DVR storage across all profiles. There are no limits to the number of channels that can be recorded simultaneously.
  • HD Content: HTC TV MAX offers free HD content included in the service. If we have the channel in HD, we broadcast it to you in HD. No extra channels, costs, or hassle.

Set up your HTC TV MAX account with up to five profiles, with each profile having the ability to capture the individualized watch history for each person and offer personalized recommendations based on content viewed. Pair these benefits with enhanced parental control features and the helpful customer service you’ve come to expect from HTC, and you have a better television viewing experience for the entire family. For additional questions or assistance with HTC TV MAX, call the HTC team at 843-369-8969 or explore the service at

40 thoughts on “TV MAX is HD Access without a Set-top Box

    1. TV MAX is $4, which includes a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have any set-top boxes, you will actually save money by switching to TV MAX.

        1. $4 is the cost of having MAX. You still pay the cable/plus bill as well. Sorry if that confused you. It would be $92 for 3 streams, 10 hours of DVR and one Firestick. For $109, you get more streams and about 50 hours of DVR.

      1. I moved to HTC Max a few weeks ago. It is a very different experience and takes a little time to get used to it. I like it ok. The techs have all been great. The hold time to talk to someone..not good.

        I will pass on a couple of lessons learn.
        1) My bill did go down by not having to pay for 4 cable boxes.
        2) Sadly, my internet was not robust enough to reach 2 of my TVs. I got HTC’s most current router and still no-go on those tvs. The HTC tech came out and showed me that my wiring (outside the house) was shot. So I had to have new wiring installed….internet got faster, no difference on my other 2 TVs.
        3) Sooo, now I have having network extenders installed. To get the coverage that I want is very expensive…my choice.

        1. Apologies your Wi-Fi is having problems reaching a couple of your sets. We’re actually researching and testing equipment now that we will offer to improve that experience.

    1. It’s just like having Basic and Plus cable. You can also subscribe to any premium channels. TV MAX is $4, which includes a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have any set-top boxes, you will actually save money by switching to TV MAX.

  1. Your TV. MAX HD seems a more promising way to go. But ya don’t mention price. Or what channel line-up comes W/this program. Or if entire channel line-up is all inclusive W/your TV MAX HD. How many TV’s can be hooked to system B/4 you start wanting add-on additional fees, etcetera.
    I’ve been looking reasons enuff to get off Spectrum & be all inclusive for all my needs, phone/internet/entertainment HTC. Fiber optics recently made HTC cable available in my area.

    1. TV MAX is $4, which includes a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have any set-top boxes, you will actually save money by switching to TV MAX The channels are what you would get on Basic and Plus, with the option to include any premium channels you might like. It’s just like having cable, except with no wires or boxes.

  2. From earlier article, Samsung TV was not included in equipment list + is Samsung curve useable to this offer?????

    1. It will work with any TV that has a USB port that can accommodate the free Amazon Fire TV Stick included with your subscription. If you have a Smart TV, just search for HTC TV Max to see if the app is available.

    1. TV MAX is $4, which includes a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have any set-top boxes, you will actually save money by switching to TV MAX.

    1. TV MAX is $4, which includes a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you have any set-top boxes, you will actually save money by switching to TV MAX.

  3. Do I need a Fire Stick for each TV? What is the cost if I want to connect 5 TVs? Will a technician visit to get everything switched over for me (I am a current HTC customer)? I currently also use Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime — I assume these will still be available? Thank you

    1. We include one Fire Stick for the base package, and do three for the “All-In” package. Everything else will work just fine and we can have a technician set everything up.

    1. This is just an in-home streaming solution. However, you get a free TV Everywhere account that allows you to watch TV outside your home.

    1. We offer one Fire Stick for the Base Price, and three for the All-In packag e.However, you can buy as many as you want at Amazon.

  4. We live in a condo which does not use HTC internet, however HTC is the cable supplier for the condo. Can we still get TV MAX without using your internet?

  5. If I had basic cable and internet with you could I get tv mAX And get things like golf Channel and hallmark.? AND NO BOXES?

  6. What is you have a smart TV and do not need an Amazon Fire Stick or you already have an Amazon Fire Stick on other TV’s where there was no box?

    1. Very easy. If you get a chance to run by one of our retail locations, each has a display and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to walk you through from start to finish and show you all the features.

  7. I have been reading others questions and your answers and I am still confused on price
    I see $4 and I see $92… can you give me a breakdown in what is included for the higher price that you don’t get for $4

    1. The cost of TV MAX is $4 plus the basic/plus cable package for a total of $92. That comes with 10 free hours of DVR, three simultaneous streams in your home and an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  8. Is this “TV Max” the proposed replacement for HTC subscribers on the basic + plans? Do I correctly understand that the current price of this plan will increase to $92.00 / month?

    1. The price is $92, but you also don’t have to have any set-top boxes or DVRs. That is included with max (10 hours of recording). It’s just an option for those who would prefer a streaming product with no wires/hookups. If you had two or three boxes throughout your home, you could save quite a bit of money switching to MAX.

  9. I have one smart tv that is using a cable box, and a tv that is just set up for basic cable. Can I still use the basic cable for the tv that does not have a cable box, and will I get music choice on that tv?

    1. Unfortunately, Music Choice is not available with TV MAX because of contractual issues. However, with your free Fire Stick, you can download Spotify, which allows you to stream a plethora of music genres. However, if you subscribe to MAX, the cable would be discontinued. You could have the app on your smart TV and the Fire Stick on the second TV, and your DVR would work on both.

  10. Todd, I have HTC basic, phone and internet bundled. Would I have to subscribe to Plus, and would that portion of my bill be $92? How many new channels with plus would I get with TvMax?

    1. If you have MAX, you do have to subscribe to the Plus package. I’m including a link to the MAX page, which has a channel lineup. It’s pretty robust. I’m not included in billing, but can certainly have someone call you if you want to discuss it further.

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