The sun can cause spotty reception

Sun outages take place every year during spring and fall when the sun passes behind a satellite. Please be advised that during late February and early March, the sun outage period, disturbances to satellite signal reception will occur when the sun passes behind a satellite.

During these mini-eclipses, energy from the sun is captured by your earth station causing degradation in the signal.  You may experience anything from slight signal degradation to complete signal loss.

The outages during this cycle will be gradual and slight on the first and last days of the cycle, reaching a peak during mid-cycle when the sun is located directly behind the satellite.

Most viewers can expect disruptions at different times of the day beginning March 10. These disruptions should average about six minutes.

1 thought on “The sun can cause spotty reception

  1. If my signal is interrupted, either by sun or any other reason, I should not have to pay for that day. I understand it is no fault of HTC, but I am paying for a service. If that service is interrupted, it should be reflected in my bill. The only loser when this happens is the paying customer. It is not asking too much to only pay for services received. In fact, it should be a law.

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